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‘Friends’ Moments That Make You Cringe 15 Years Later

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Do you remember these milestone moments in 'Friends'?

Friends was one of the sitcoms that defined the 90s. For ten seasons, we watched our six 20-going-on-30 somethings mature from silly young adults to grown people getting ready to start families and change careers. In 2004, our Friends had finally moved onto other phases in their lives, and we moved on to newer sitcoms. But we still hold a soft spot in our heart for Ross, Rachel, Monica, Joey, Phoebe, and Chandler. We don’t have such a soft spot for some of the situations they got into though because they’ve become outdated, illegal, or faux pas now. These cringe-worthy Friends moments won’t bring back fond memories.

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I'm not so sure that I like the show as much now