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Red River: Neighbors Notice Bloody Leakage Outside Funeral Home

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Pennywise, is that you?

We’ve all heard revolting and downright horrifying urban legends about funeral homes. I mean, after all, they really are creepy places full of dead bodies being worked on out of sight from public eye. It’s natural that there are tales of gore in that particular businesses. There are even a few funeral homes horror flicks out there (I’m partial to I Am Not a Serial Killer, personally). Then again, horror films are usually a great exaggeration of real life.

For almost every single mortician, it is just a job, albeit a morbid one. Hey, you’ve see Six Feet Under, right? Like with any job, things can go wrong at anytime ― especially when there are machines involved. One funeral home has a little oopsie this past September… and it landed the business in international news.

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Credit: nito/Shutterstock