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Funniest Things Ever to Happen to Americans in Foreign Countries

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Tales From Abroad

Have you ever been abroad?

If so, then you are in the minority of Americans.

That’s right: As of 2016, there were 131,841,062 valid American passports in circulation, and while that’s the highest number to date, it’s still only about 40% of the total population of the U.S. So while it’s a difficult number to calculate, it’s safe to assume that the majority of Americans have never left the country.

That being said, and perhaps contrary to the image of the uncultured American, we’re still among the most well-traveled populations in the world, so you’re sure to have seen a few foreign countries yourself or at least still have that one friend that talks about the six months they spent in Barcelona back in college (we get it).

Traveling abroad almost always results in a story, be it from an unforgettable memory, hilarious encounter, or terrible trip we’ll regret for the rest of our lives. Americans were asked to share their funniest and wildest stories from abroad, and these encounters will crack you up and make you want to book your next vacation ASAP.

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How do these compare to your experiences?