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Funniest Vines of October

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The funniest Viner is... a cop?

What would we do without the internet and the (literally) infinite amount of hysterical viral content that people upload to it every second?

Bored at work? Hop online to check out some video highlights from last night’s comedy shows. Feeling blue? Scroll through social media until you find something to cheer you up. Want to see some comedy stars in the making? Just go on Vine.

Founded in 2012, Vine has fluctuated in popularity but one thing has not changed: The quality of the short-but-memorable videos being uploaded to it.

Though most social media platforms have since picked up on the popularity of video content—which you can expect to see only more of in the future—Vine is the platform that truly picked up on the art of short-form videos, and many comedians and performers are still using them today. While browsing the funniest Vines of the month, however, one thing really stuck out to us: The funniest Viner at the moment is… a cop? You have to see this unconventional officer.

officer daniels vine star

Source: Vine/Officer Daniels

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