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People in Relationships Reveal the Most Unexpected Things Their Partner Has Done in Bed

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Spice Up Your Life

Love is a many splendored thing. And while the fires and passions of young love and the all-too-familiar honeymoon phase bring us some of the best memories of young love, you have to give credit to the couples that stick it out through the years and put in the work to stay together.

Do you believe in true, lifelong love? Or do you think love and relationships are commitments that take major time and effort to keep them going? Personally, I think the answer is a combination of both, and one of the biggest challenges to that is time itself.

What happens when things grow stagnant? How do couples rejuvenate themselves to get back that flame? While people can do this in a variety of ways—small gifts, surprise trips, breakfast in bed—many of the quick-fix solutions come from our alone time in the bedroom.

These people shared stories of how their significant other spiced things up in the bedroom, whether or not they did it on purpose, and my oh my will it give you plenty of ideas…

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Credit: Nickelodeon/ Elnur/Shutterstock/ Reddit

The best ones were accidental...