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Restaurant Signs So Good You Don’t Even Need to See a Menu

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Pick a bar, any bar

Everything in life is about marketing.

From clothes to toys to food—and yes, even to yourself—how we package a given product will singlehandedly determine how it’s sold. Think about when you have a job interview: There are countless ways you can portray yourself, and the fact is that many of them will not get you hired. The same thing goes for making (and keeping) friendships and relationships. Some quick advice: Honesty is always the best policy.

But on a lighter note, it’s been proven time and again scientifically that marketing is the key behind sales and the failure or success of a given product. It’s half the reason we even know and love the brands we do in the first place. So when it comes to more unfamiliar territory, like the eternal question of “Where do you want to eat?”, what’s one of countless competitors to do?

These restaurants and bars tried an unconventional approach to get customers to try them out, and you can’t deny that it totally worked!

funny bar signs finding nemo dory

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Which one of these would YOU eat at?