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George Takei’s Best Comebacks

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Trolls, beware!

Everybody needs a hero.

Especially for those facing major adversity, having somebody older and wiser to look up to can be a saving grace in a moment of need. And don’t the millions of people who identify with a social minority today know this best?

At the dawn of 2017, we find ourselves in a new era of repression where countless citizens in the United States are profiled and victimized simply because of how they look or how they love. Of course, this repression has always been there, and many of these communities have been harassed, albeit discreetly for years. But with the sudden swell of unchecked nationalism and unabashed racial pride, a more diverse breadth of Americans are experiencing this palpable hatred than ever before. Worst of all: It’s now being backed by many figureheads in our own government.

Thankfully, there are millions of us ready and willing to stand up against the face of anger and hatred. One of these people is George Takei, also well known as Mr. Sulu thanks to his illustrious career on the original Star Trek series. Since his early days, Mr. Takei—or Uncle George, as he is affectionately called—has undergone a renaissance, channeling his talent, influence, and passion into social justice, much of which has been helped by his unprecedented social media fame.

In a world of trolls and bigots, George Takei uses humor, wit, sarcasm, vocabulary, intelligence, and cold hard facts (no alternative truths here) to shut down the haters that proliferate the Internet.

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Credit: Facebook @George Takei/ Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Here are some of his BEST comebacks!