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Girl Loses 145 Pounds, Promptly Rejects Crush Who Fat Shamed Her

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Oh, how the tables have turned!

I’ve pretty much been on the slender side throughout my entire existence. When I was in elementary school, my classmates would call me “Skinny Minnie” because of my size. I never really took it to heart, though, mainly because I didn’t have issues with low self esteem and, I was always fine with my size.

But there are so many kids who aren’t tough enough to not let words cut them so deep. Body shaming is a form of bullying; bullying is a not only a serious matter, but it is a huge deal in today’s society. Body shaming doesn’t just happen to young children; adults are notorious for body shaming TF out of each other. And now with technology and the Internet, it’s getting worse.

An Indianapolis woman got the last laugh after her longtime crush, who turned her down because of her weight, begged her for a date after she dropped 145 pounds. She denied him.

Rachel Heffner weight loss

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"I'm glad he rejected me, I actually thanked him for it."