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Teen Suspended After Her Anti-Bullying Video About Her Toxic School Goes Viral

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She just wanted to make things better

It’s not as easy being a teenager as you might remember. You may have not been working or paying rent, but you had to worry about doing well in class so that you could get good enough grades to be able to get into the right college. Hopefully you earned such good grades that you got some scholarships, but if not, you’d have to take out hefty student loans that every adult you know is still working to pay off.

Nowadays, teens have all of those concerns with the added pressures of stagflation, cyberbullying, and an uncertain future. Several shows and documentaries have premiered in the last few years trying hard to get adults to understand that it is harder to be a teenager these days, and something needs to be done to help them out.

One young lady made a poetic plea to explain how hard life is at her high school. She was subsequently punished for her effort to make high school a better place for other students.

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Source: YouTube/Emily Gipson