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OUCH: Girl Breaks Up With Boyfriend via Spotify Playlist

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At least the songs were good...

Relationships send people through a rollercoaster of emotions.

First there’s the initial meeting, filled with nervousness, shyness, and down right cluelessness. In this stage, you’ve met and become attracted to another person, so you must subtly figure out if they’re attracted to you as well. If they are, then you enter stage two. Butterflies turn into back-flipping whales inside your stomach, as you try your best to make a good impression, hiding your deep, dark obsession with NSYNC and your knitting hobby.

If you’re successful in your endeavors, then you transition into stage three seamlessly. You become exclusive with your significant other, filled with hope and joy. After you catch your loved one crying during re-runs of Jersey Shore, you realize that while they’re not perfect you still love them, slipping slowly into stage four (aka normal?).

Stage four can last a long time. People get married in this stage. They have kids; they get dogs. In The Notebook, Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling died in this stage.

But, for some, stage four isn’t all that long. We can’t all die in bed in our sleep with the love of our lives. For tons of poor souls, there is a stage five (aka the doom, death, and end of life as you know it), filled with sadness, loneliness, and Bridget Jones. We break up with our loved ones and try our best to heal. Some use food, some use movies, and some even make a playlist of sad songs.

Lucky for this guy though, when his girlfriend broke up with him, she spared him the trouble of making a playlist by breaking up with him via Spotify. Check it out.

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