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These WILD Glamour Shots Will Have You Scratching Your Head

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Smile and say... WTF?

Last week, a particularly odd picture of Kellyanne Conway surfaced online.

In it, we see her doing one of her daughter’s hair. Nothing special here, right? While the picture itself wasn’t anything special, the world was much more interested in the photo within a photo: A glamor shot of a slightly younger and much more dolled-up Kellyanne.

The story behind the glamor portrait is that Kellyanne was invited to pose as Miss January in a 2009 calendar of conservative women. In the picture, she is wearing “a navy sheared beaver jacket with fox trim and detachable hood,” and she looks nigh-on ridiculous, like one of those over-the-top collectible Scarlet O’Hara Barbies that people’s moms keep on a creepy display shelf. But in Kellyanne’s home, she displayed herself right in the living room.

Like most professional photography, these photos are meant to capture special moments, and should we choose to display them in our homes, it’s often to recall the memories or otherwise feel good about ourselves. But when does a photoshoot go too far?

We love sites like Awkward Family Photos or those people who recreate their baby pictures, but these glamorous photoshoots are so hilarious and bizarre you won’t know what hit you.

kellyanne conway glamor portrait

Credit: Anne-Marie Carus/NorthJersey.Com

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