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Grieving Husband Admitted Sleeping With Deceased Wife Six Days After She Passed

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Loss can be so hard to deal with

Letting go of a loved one can be extremely hard. When someone close to you passes away, you instantly start the grieving process, later disposing of the body and any of their belongings. In a rapid ritual, it is customary to host a funeral and then say final goodbyes.

However, this is a practice that Russell Davison decided not to follow when his wife Wendy Davison was diagnosed with terminal cancer. When Wendy passed away last April, Russell knew that their decision to let life come… and then go, was the right one for his family. In what might seem a bit odd to the outside world, this supportive husband even made the bold decision to keep his wife with him a little longer, even in death.

Source: YouTube @This Morning

Hear what made this husband keep his wife beyond the grave