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Your Favorite Grocery Items Would Rise in Price After Trump’s Mexico Tax

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It doesn't look good...

Ugh. If one sound could encapsulate all of my emotions from January 20th until now it would be “ugh.” Granted, I’m not a right wing, conservative extremist, white male… so I feel like I have some justification to my feelings right about now. But I digress. During Trump’s unprecedented road to the White House, one of his biggest ideas to gain votes was to build the infamous wall along the Mexico/U.S. border. Who would pay for it? Mexico of course. Mexico’s response? “F*ck no” of course.

Alas, Trump was elected and recently signed an executive order to start building the damn wall. Mexico obviously stuck with their adamant refusal to pay a penny for it so Trump needed a new plan. Allegedly, we’re going to build the wall anyway with our own tax dollars and Mexico will refund us, of course. Mexico’s response? “F*ck no” of course. Wonder how that will turn out.

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Here's what will probably happen...