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Groupon’s Social Media Team Hilariously Wins After Customers Try to Troll Suggestive Product

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Groupon had the perfect response every time

There are so many strange products on the market these days. It makes you wonder whether the manufacturers really thought that the weird product would make them money because it was useful or because people would buy them as gag gifts.

One such product is the Banana Bunker, a plastic clamshell container made specifically to hold a single, typically-shaped banana. Everyone knows that the banana is the most phallic-shaped fruit, so this product makes it even more hilarious than it usually is.

When Groupon started selling the Banana Bunker at a discount, their Facebook followers submitted all kinds of hilarious questions about it just to troll them. Groupon responded wonderfully, answering each and every question with a well-thought out answer.

banana bunker held by woman

Source: Instagram @natfiona