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Guy Asks Twitter's Life Rules, Gets Perfect Answers

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You are not alone

They, the infamous they, say that cell phones and social media are ruining the way people communicate with each other. According to “them,” people may not talk to people in the room with them, but they sure are chatty with people on their social media accounts.

If folks aren’t going to talk to people they know in real life, they have to converse and socialize somewhere, right?

Gav Murphy, a London native who works for IGN, took it upon himself to not only start a conversation but also to make his 19 thousand Twitter followers think a little bit. “What’s a weird life rule you’ve made up for yourself n stick to religiously?” he tweeted. About 400 replies later, Gav had a collection of the most hilariously relatable rules to live life by.

Which “weird” quirks are more commonplace than obscure? Find out…

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