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Genius Dude Edits Himself Into Band’s Wiki Page to Sneak Into Show

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Some people have all the luck

What’s worse than finally seeing that concert, movie, or show you’ve been looking forward to, only to get stuck in a terrible seat with no view?

This happens to pretty much all of us at least once. From stadium columns totally blocking your view at a baseball game to getting seated in the balcony and only being able to see half a stage, to simply being stuck behind tall people (the worst), being at a live event isn’t nearly as fun when you can’t even see what you paid to see.

But what can you do about it? Sure, you can always get closer to the field in between innings, sneak into better seats at intermission, or maybe even push your way through the crowd towards the front, but one kid went above and beyond: He made himself VIP.

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Source: Facebook @Adam Boyd, @The Sherlocks; Twitter @TheSherlocks

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