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Guy Travels to Australia Alone, Has Worst Time Ever

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Australia Seems Horrible!

Have you ever met an Australian that you didn’t like? Of course not! Who knew that when the British started colonizing Australia in the 18th century with convicts that in a few hundred years they’d all be “really nice blokes”? Seriously, Australia is home to some of the nicest folks on the planet and its natural beauty is second to none! You’ve got the Great Barrier Reef, the vast wilderness of the Outback, really crazy rock formations from being so close to an ice cap, AND great beaches! With all of this going for Australia, it’s hard to think anyone could have a bad time traveling to the South Pacific party-zone… Except this one guy who goes by the user name Boedith. He really, really hated his trip and made this slideshow to document his “distain for Brisbane”.


australia great open road

Source: Imgur @boedith

How did this guy have such a bum time?