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Harry Potter Fan Has Inspiring Response for the Swastika Spray Painted on Her Door

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A light in the darkness

I’ve always loved the Elie Wiesel quote that explains the opposite of love is not hate.

While each emotion is an extreme on a given spectrum, they are not inherently opposites because they both imply a sense of action. No: The opposite of love is indifference, he explains.

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you’re more than familiar with the motifs of darkness and light as well as with the theme of an impending storm coming. “These are dark times, there is no denying,” Minister Rufus Scrimgeour explains at the beginning of the penultimate movie. And for many people, the sense of impending darkness we see in the magical franchise is all too familiar for our current state of affairs.

When one woman came home to find her house vandalized—just one instance in a frightening series of recent hate crimes—she turned to the lessons and morals of Harry Potter to encourage herself and others to stay positive.

swastika door vandalized harry potter

Source: Facebook @Erin M. Zettle

Here's how she responded to the hate