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Haunted House Actors Reveal Hilarious Reactions From Terrified Visitors

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The other side of the scare

As the fall sets in, days get shorter, temperatures get colder, and wherever you go, there’s an eerie feeling in the air that lets you know it’s almost Halloween.

For centuries, humans have loved to scare themselves, and each other, with ghost stories. We have a fascination with the macabre that became even more prevalent in the 19th century thanks to frighteningly lifelike waxworks, gory theatrical spectacles, freak shows, and “ghost houses.”

Over the last century, these attractions gave way to our modern Halloween traditions, including trick-or-treating and haunted houses. In fact, Smithsonian reports that such customs evolved during the Great Depression when parents and neighbors decided to designate specific thrills for their kids around Halloween in order to prevent them from vandalizing abandoned properties. Who knew?

Now, haunted houses and hayrides are among the most popular of Halloween traditions, and every year, you hear more news stories and online rankings of the most terrifying haunted attraction in the United States. You probably know what it’s like to walk (or run) through one, but have you ever wondered what it’s like to work in one?

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These are the funniest stories from haunted house workers!