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Health Inspectors Share the Worst Conditions They’ve Ever Seen Inside a Restaurant

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Just the check, please.

Ah, the joys of going out to eat.

For those who enjoy trying out fun dishes and cuisines surrounded by other people in new and exciting environments—or for those who simply can’t cook—eating out is the way to go. But never forget the most important rule of all: It doesn’t matter how good the food is, who the chef is, how reasonable the prices are, or even how favorable the reviews are. The only thing that matters is whether the restaurant can pass a health inspection.

Living in New York City, you’d better believe I won’t even go near a place that has a “B” grade in the window. Any lower than that and my brain is already capable of totally blacking the sight out of my optic nerve (a la Black Mirror). When it comes to eating, it’s “A” all the way. Nobody has time to enjoy their meal only to see a cockroach scuttle under the table. Nobody.

That being said, not every restaurant and dining establishment can pass the test. Health inspectors and other restaurant and hospitality professionals of Reddit were asked to share their most disturbing tales, and these might seriously encourage you to cook at home for a while.

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