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Here’s What Clickbait Would Have Looked Like Throughout History

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This clickbait is worse than the plague...

Imagine getting the news in a world before social media, the internet, or even mass communications.

The world today is changed forever with each new technological advancement, and it’s safe to say that precious few of history’s biggest events ever would happened given the technology we have today.

While you and I may be used to instantaneous updates or, better yet, live streams to get our news from (preferably without a bias), humans throughout history depending on slower means or entirely unreliable sources for information. This simultaneously made the world a happier place for some (ignorance is bliss) while allowing the more powerful among us to rule easily and without questions or complaints from the uneducated masses.

In fact, one of the biggest issues politicians, celebrities, and even small websites deal with today is the beautiful onslaught of comments, often negative, from millions of people exercising their right to have that cruel opinion in the first place. It may be ugly at times, but it is the very spirit of freedom, and we are lucky to have it.

Sadly, many of our instantaneous news sources today have succumb to the clickbait phenomenon, posting just about any article or ad to get clicks. The American people just proved through the election that we are more interested in entertainment than in policy, and the internet reflects that need for “news” that will fuel our angry minds to go on a new rant in the next comment section. And while we may dread it, we have to wonder, what would clickbait have looked like if it had always existed?

Look no further!

medieval clickbait plague

Source: Wikipedia/ flickr/Hans Splinter

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