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Alarming Meanings Behind the Secret Symbols Hidden in Washington D.C. Monuments

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Hidden in the seat of power

It goes without saying that a nation’s capital is destined to become an important place.

Often located strategically along a waterway, capitals are historical places that rose to importance due to commerce and trade, previously extant fortresses or castles, or because they were the primary residence of a royal family or government leaders. Once a city is destined to become the seat of government and the home of wealthy and powerful people, it becomes carefully designed and built up to accommodate these influential residents.

When you travel to Washington D.C., it’s only normal to go see the monuments, the architecture, and even the natural beauty, but is there more than meets the eye?

It’s no surprise that a capital city or any powerful circle is going to be filled with secret societies and covert relationships, but when you take a closer look at the sights and layout of Washington D.C., the hidden symbols become extremely apparent.

What do the signs all mean?

washington dc dark capitol building storm

Credit: flickr/Russ Sanderlin