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Town Mourns Loss of Four Teens After School Lies About Their Death

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A lesson they'll never forget.

Imagine it’s a perfectly normal day.

You wake up before the sun rises, shower, and eat breakfast. Your parent drops you off at high school. You see your friends before the bell rings, then head to class. As the announcements begin, you stand and say the Pledge of Allegiance, and then the office breaks the news:

“Four students were involved in a car crash. They were T-boned by a drunk driver while skipping school. Sadly, they did not survive.” They list the names. Everyone freezes. You begin to panic. It’s a small town; everybody knows everybody. Maybe it was your neighbor, your friend, or even a family member.

Then the office comes back on the loudspeaker. The story was made up. The students are alive and in good health. And it was all the school’s idea.

Though it sounds cruel and surreal, this is precisely what happened at a high school in Wisconsin last week, leaving many angry parents and traumatized students questioning the integrity of their school system. But why would the school pull such a stunt?

brodhead high school drunk driving prank

Source: NBC15

The school is adamant that what they did is okay