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High School Teacher Fired After Being Filmed Threatening to Shoot Student

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All of the students felt scared

Although shaping the minds of the next generation is a noble profession, teachers may feel frustrated from time to time dealing with people so much younger than them day in and day out. Kids can be aggravating to adults even in the classroom, but it’s up to teachers to make sure that they never lash out at their students. They’re in a position of power, after all, and it’s their job to make the students feel safe in their classrooms.

A teacher in Georgia has been fired from his position for making criminal threats toward one of his students. Now, people are divided about how this adult handled the situation involving a minor.

Nov. 3 seemed like a normal day at Rockdale Career Academy in Conyers, Georgia until a teacher got aggravated with students laughing while he was trying to teach. Eleventh grade physics teacher Paul Hagan turned to one 17-year-old student and unleashed a potentially racially charged verbal tirade against him.

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