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The Most Hilarious, Absurd, and Heartbreaking Craigslist Missed Connections

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I hope that no one responds to these

You’re standing in line for coffee, like you do every single day. Then, the woman of your dreams walks right in the door. Your heart stops. You can’t breathe. You’re paralyzed by her beauty. Before you can make your move, she walks out the door… never to be seen again.

What can you do to try to find this woman? You turn to Craigslist’s Missed Connections, and you let her know how you feel about her, if she ever reads the ad, that is. Some people aren’t the most eloquent writers, but here’s what they want to say to their lost partners in love.

Disgusted woman rejecting a geek boy offering flowers in a blind date in a coffee shop interior Image ID:357520175 Copyright: Antonio Guillem

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You may think that a chance encounter is really your destiny