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Man Hilariously Trolls John Lewis Customers Who Accidentally Tweet at Him

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It's John Lewis versus John Lewis

The good thing about Twitter is that it can allow people reach out to celebrities, well-known figures, and stores that would otherwise be difficult to contact. The bad thing about Twitter is that one wrong letter or word can send your comment to a totally different person than you were trying to reach.

John Lewis of Blacksburg, Virginia is a 50-year-old father who writes computer science textbooks, and he wants everyone to know that he’s not a store. He can’t help you with unsatisfactory purchases. The American man shares a name with a British department store; he chose the Twitter handle @johnlewis, and the store uses @johnlewisretail. Yet that doesn’t stop thousands of people form tweeting him every year about the purchases they make from the store.

funny tweet about john lewis retail

Source: Twitter @johnlewis