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14 Tweets to Remind You That Women Are Hilarious (and Run the World)

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And they say women aren't funny...

It’s long been said that women aren’t funny — despite the fact that ladies have been entertaining their female friends for years, we all just believed it! I’m inclined to say that we all went along with this notion because male comedians were getting the airtime and women weren’t, but who really knows. At this point, it doesn’t matter because times have changed.

We’ve come to acknowledge that women have jokes — like lots of a really good jokes — and they know how to deliver a zinger. I attribute part of that shift to Twitter. Seriously! Now all people (women and men) have a platform to get their best one-liners out and… honestly? Women are killing it.

Sorry, but not sorry boys. The era of male comedy is over. Women run the show, Twitter, and low-key the world.

Who run the world girls screencap

Credit: Columbia via YouTube @BeyoncéVEVO

These ladies know what's up!