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Original, Hilarious, and Woke Valentine’s Day Cards

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Be mine?

Honestly, Valentine’s Day is for suckers: Out of 365 days, you shouldn’t spend only one appreciating your partner. That’s weak as all getup. You pay up the wazoo for basic red roses and chalky chocolates, and then you’re crammed elbow to elbow at some restaurant. Now I don’t mind a traditionalist, but if you prefer to be so unoriginal, then these V-Day cards are NOT for you.

People with a (good) sense of humor will want to scoop up these original and clever cards before February 14th. Pah to your red hearts with doilies that are tired from decades of use. You are better than that and so is your love.

funny auto complete valentines day card

Source: Imgur @learn2post

Basic be gone!