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Historical Psychiatric Practices That Will Make You Lose Faith in Humanity

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How did we let this stuff happen?

Medicine is always a process of trial and error. Even now, doctors must make guesses about what treatments will work, and they’re still not always right. Mental health has long been a mystery and the mistreatment of those suffering from mental illnesses has become the stuff of legends. Shockingly, the practices were often even more horrible than you think and many of the patients didn’t even need to be there in the first place.

It wasn’t always the fault of the medical practitioners, who honestly thought that they were helping when in reality they were mostly torturing their already-troubled patients. Here are some of the most barbaric (or downright perplexing) psychiatric treatments from history!

Lobotomy Patient

Source: Imgur @LostCatWantedDeadAndAlive

Can you imagine your doctor doing these things to you?