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These Before and After Pictures of the ‘Home Alone’ House Will Ruin Your Day

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This is my house, I have to defend it.

For many, it was a film that inspired a generation of hoodwinks, booby traps, and mischief, and chances are you’ve imitated the hands-on-your-cheeks scream at least once in your life, especially around aftershave.

Home Alone turns 27 this year, and we’ve seen the franchise grow and change over the years from one ingenious boy and his stately home to battles on the streets of New York and even new children, families, and thieves.

Still, the original Home Alone remains the best, an absolute classic from the 1990s. Who could forget Kevin making his family “disappear,” the bumbling tactics of Harry and Marv, or the overwhelming joy of the spirit of the holiday season?

Think you’re the biggest Home Alone fan out there? The now-iconic Georgian mansion featured in the first two movies was last sold in 2012 for a whopping $1.585 million dollars, and now the new owners are free to do whatever they please with the house.

And while some of us may have set up more booby traps, these owners opted to do a home makeover instead!

home alone house kevin scream

Source: 20th Century Fox

See what the 'Home Alone' house looks like now!