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How Gay Conversion Therapy Became an Accepted Means of Modern Torture

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"Our bodies have made us for heterosexuality"

Earlier this month, the man who pioneered what you may know as gay “conversion therapy” died. Unfortunately, his marred practice and influence did not die with him.

Noted psychologist Joseph Nicolosi founded the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) in 1992 and used the organization to carry out and inspire a feigned “treatment” for homosexuality, which Nicolosi believed was abnormal and a disorder.

Today, we still hear the horror stories of many children and young people forced (or led to believe they actually want) into conversion therapy, as well as the inevitable trauma and suffering they’ve experienced afterwards. The contentious “therapy” even comes into mainstream politics sometimes, with prominent politicians and many groups supporting it.

Yet despite numerous experts and scientific groups coming out to say conversion therapy is harmful pseudoscience, it still happens, often permanently damaging those subjected to it. We wouldn’t allow such a dangerous indoctrination for any other children, so why do we treat LGBTQ youth differently?

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Here's how a pioneer "therapy" became an accepted form of torture