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This Is How Much the ‘Friends’ Apartment Would Cost in Today’s Real Estate Market

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Tha's some serious rent control

More often than not, the setting of a hit TV show becomes just as famous and beloved as the cast of characters themselves. The setting can either add a sense of reality or otherwise transport viewers into new fantasies.

The famous filming locations of various TV shows that used exteriors or real sites outside of Hollywood sound studios often become major tourist attractions, and TV homes and apartments can gain millions of dollars in worth thanks to fan followings alone.

But in reality, many of the most recognizable settings from our favorite TV shows are pure fiction: Whether the floor plans simply don’t match the exterior or we know that the character could never afford to live there, sets are designed for filming ease or for the sake of a live audience, not for realism.

Anybody who’s ever lived in New York will know straightaway that one of the biggest errors TV shows set in the city make is having characters live in enormous apartments that simply don’t exist below a multimillion-dollar price range. Given the usual blue- or occasionally white-collar jobs of the characters, we know that paying those rents simply isn’t possible.

Case in point? Friends.

friends apartment rent real cost

Source: Google Maps/ NBC

Here's what the apartments would have really cost