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Tips to Get You Through a Night in Prison

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If you're ever there, you'll need to know these tips...

Most of us never, ever want to step foot inside of prison or jail, at least not on the “wrong side” of the bars.

For thousands of years, humanity has built its most basic systems and beliefs around whether or not a certain action is okay. Beyond right and wrong, beyond good and evil, there is whether a given society or leadership allows an individual to do a specific action freely, or whether it will cost them their their freedom or result in some other penalty. Most of us can agree that some things, such as murder or theft, simply will not fly. Over the eons, laws have gotten extremely strict and, often, necessarily specific. But in no other place has this resulted in a prison culture quite like that in the United States.

According to 2018 data, some 2.3 million people are behind bars in the United States. While it’s nice to think that jail time could be an experience that turn someone’s life around, the reality is that recidivism rates (people who return to prison) are far too high. Jail or prison, in and of themselves, are never a good experience.

Unless you’re a career criminal, you probably never see yourself going to jail. Sometimes though, wild and uncontrollable circumstances can envelop even the most well-intentioned person, and just like that, they find themselves sitting in the slammer. Even if only for a night, jail can be a terrifying place. There are some basic but crucial things you should know that will make your stay more “comfortable”… or even save your life.

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