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Human-Sheep Hybrids Are Officially a Reality and Here’s What That Means for Us

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Medical Breakthrough

The uneven supply and demand for human organs has been an issue for decades. Though the transplant waiting list is said to be “the gift of a lifetime,” many people will never get their present.

Let’s talk numbers.

In the United States alone, six patients are added to the waiting list every hour. That’s about the time it takes for a healthy American to take a shower, drive to work, or watch one episode of a Netflix show. Every day, 22 people on the list pass away while waiting for a lung, a kidney, a heart, a liver, an intestine, or a pancreas. Someone’s mom, someone’s big brother, or someone’s best friend didn’t get the organ they needed, and it cost them their life.

In response, medical researches have been developing ways to up the supply of human organs… artificially.

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