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She Caught Her Husband Having an Affair, Then He Took Her to Court!

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Who was in the wrong?

It’s nearly impossible to say what percentage of married people cheat. Most research on the matter is from surveys and ― let’s be honest ― how many people are really honest about it when they have? Not to mention the fact that what each individual considers cheating is different. Is sending a flirty text cheating? Is joining a dating app but not going on any dates cheating? Where is the line drawn these days?

On the other hand, you have those in a committed relationship who are paranoid about their partner having an affair. Maybe they’ve been wrong before and now have trust issues. Maybe their spouse started to act differently and suspicions started to grow.

This Swiss couple recently made headlines when the wife discovered her husband’s affairs, but he pushed back through the court system, saying she invaded his privacy by snooping.

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