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”I Hate My Mom’s Phone”: Teacher’s Touching Post Goes Viral Over 2nd Grader’s Tech Woes

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"I wish she never had one"

We live in a tech-centric world, and by the way things are moving, technology will only become more essential to our everyday lives as time moves on.

Throughout history, the human race has separated itself from other species not only because of how we are able to think and communicate, but also largely because our ability to create and use tools. In many ways, the tools we use become extensions of our being: the pens we use to write, the machines that transport us, the cranes and power tools we use to build, even the technology that helps us to survive in conditions that would otherwise be inhospitable. If you only communicate with certain people on the phone or via the internet, where does the real you end and the digital you begin?

Today, the most common tool that most of us use as if it were another limb is our smart phone. For many, even imagining a day without your phone may seem inconceivable. In fact, you are likely reading this on your cell phone right now. But what are the downsides to being on your phone all the time? Sure, there are all the potential health concerns you’ve probably read some clickbait about, but what about the interpersonal consequences? One second grader’s response to a simple school assignment may have you rethinking how you use your phone.

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Source: Facebook/Jen Adams Beason