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If You Were Given $2 Million to Leave Home and Start a New Life, Where Would You Go?

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A New Life

What’s the farthest you’ve ever lived from home? Was it for college? A job? Or perhaps you’ve only ever gotten away while on vacation.

If you still live at home or in the same town you grew up in, what would it take to get you to leave? For many people, change can present uncomfortable difficulties, and the more unfamiliar something is, the most stressful it becomes.

Anyone who’s ever lived abroad, or even in a different part of their own state or country, knows that moving leads to some VERY different ways of life, from the smallest things like greetings and schedules to the obvious things like languages and climate. While some people might embrace these changes, others could never live with them.

Now what if you were forced to leave your home country? Where would you go? Redditors were asked to share what they’d do if they were given $2 million to leave their country and start a new life somewhere else, and THIS is what they came up with!

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Source: MGM/ Columbia Pictures/ Reddit

Where would YOU go?