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What Happens If Your Conjoined Twin Goes to Jail?

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What happens when two people share one body?

Conjoined twins, while being a rare medical phenomenon, are a huge point of fascination for the general public. Perhaps because our Western culture is so focused on fierce individualism (or perhaps because people like to create an “other” where there isn’t one) the idea of two individuals sharing a body confounds the rest of us to the point where we can’t help but spew question after question about what life must be like for them.

Some of the fascination is fair if not only because the independent individual is so highly valued in the US, especially in the courtroom. While questions about their personal lives seem invasive, mulling over the way that the law does (or should) treat these highly rare cases is an exercise in the minutia of the legal system as well as moral responsibility to honor all types of people—not to mention a much-needed examination of the way our legal system works as a whole.

This particular point has gripped the users over at AskReddit. There have been dozens of threads where people ask about the logistics of a criminally inclined twin attached to an innocent bystander. And, in fairness… It does get tricky.

So, let’s see what Reddit thinks would happen if conjoined twins got tied up in violent crimes…

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It's more complicated than it seems... Or maybe it's not? I honestly don't know anymore.