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Injured Iraq War Veteran Speaks Out Against Islamophobia

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British war vet speaks out against racism while being expected to harbor hate

Social media is phenomenal, genius technology. However, there’s a seriously dark side to it. Social media gives a safe, anonymous platform for people to spout ignorance and hate. Cyberbullying is the name of the game for the attention seeking, hate mongering people, and it’s so pervasive it has become par for the course in the comment section of almost any post.

But the dissemination of information provided by social media sites often offsets the hateful chatter cluttering the comment sections. As we’ve seen with the Arab Spring in 2012 and the Black Lives Matter movement, social media can be a safe platform to organize and change the world for the better.

With a simple and thoughtful post, this veteran used Facebook to do just that.

Credit: Facebook @Chris Hebert

Credit: Facebook @Chris Hebert

He lost a leg in Iraq, but this post shows he doesn't blame anyone for it.