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Inside Chechyna: Gays Tortured and Beaten to Death in Concentration Camps

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How soon we forget

In a perfect world, we’d all know that 2017 meant decades and centuries of progress from the dark pages of history and the chilling memory of major societal flaws like slavery, segregation, and religious persecution.

Sadly, our world is far from perfect, and horrific new stories come out all the time that further inform us of the extent of terrible things happening around the globe and in our own neighborhoods.

In recent weeks, stories akin to the nightmares of WWII began emerging from Chechnya, a republic of Russia located in the south of Eastern Europe. Since the fall of the USSR, Chechnya’s history has been plagued with turmoil and war with Russia. While the Russian Federation is known for its stringent anti-LGBTQ policies, it seems things are already far worse in Chechnya.

Source: YouTube @CNN

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