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Was This Scene From ‘Planet Earth II’ the Most Intense TV Ever?

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Against all odds.

Ten years ago, the BBC gave us Planet Earth a stunning, informative, and strangely relaxing show depicting all the wonders of our planet as well as its flora and fauna.

From the depths of the sea to mountain peaks, Planet Earth presented us with dazzling portrayals of nature, but after just eleven episodes, it was over.

Now, ten years later, we have Planet Earth II, a season of six new episodes of the beloved show that premiered on November 6. And already, people are talking.

The fate of the season may have already been determined by the very first episode, and it all came down to one thrilling scene that people are calling the best TV ever made. Here’s what the scene editor had to say about it!

planet earth 2 iguana caught

Source: YouTube/BBC

Watch the chase here!