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This Old Man’s Search for a Fishing Partner Is Taking the World by Storm

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Teach a man to fish...

We all need somebody to lean on. Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, a social butterfly or extremely private, you know how important it is to have somebody nearby that you can depend on in times of need, or even when you just want a pick-me-up.

As we get older, our circles of friends and relationships grows steadily smaller. No longer are we in school or university where we were once surrounded by a steady stream of peers. People move away, lose touch, become caught up in their own changing lives, or pass on. Though our family may grow, we’re not always close to them (geographically or otherwise), and many of these factors contribute to the sad trope of a lonely elderly person.

Thanks to our ever-connected digital age, however, these people’s cries no longer have to go ignored or unanswered.

One Australian widower posted an ad online looking for a new fishing partner (as his previous buddy had died), and now his story is going viral and warming the hearts of millions who will surely find him all the fishing friends he could possibly want.

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Source: Ray Johnstone/Gumtree/ Facebook @Pamela Joy Edwards

Here's his story