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The So Called “Man Flu” Is Real and There’s Science to Back It Up

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"Srsly?" ― Women All Over Globe

It’s flu season again, which, for women, means that it’s time to hear men complaining that they have it worse than we could ever imagine possible. It’s almost like we’re not all experiencing the same symptoms. Well, prepare to further groan, ladies ― this male researcher is here to tell us that that’s absolutely right. Men and women don’t experience the same flu, and their claims of worse headaches, unimaginable suffering, and never-ending sickness are now backed by science.

Tired of being told that men are exaggerating their symptoms, scientist Kyle Sue set out to prove that men actually do have it much worse than their female counterparts. According to his study ― which he said was meant to be in good fun ― the symptoms that men experience during cold and flu season are more debilitating thanks in part to evolution and testosterone’s effect on the immune system.

“This is shown in the fact that they [have] worse symptoms, [the symptoms] last longer, [and men] are more likely to be hospitalised and more likely to die from [the flu],” Sue told The Guardian of his findings.

As we all know, though, correlation is not causation in scientific studies, so let’s get to the root of Sue’s findings.

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