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It Turns Out That “True Story” Movies Aren’t So True…

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Is your favorite "historical" film for real?

Something of great debate in classrooms and professional critical analysis alike is the issue of historical accuracy in films that are marketed as being “based on a true story.” The general assumption has long been that most movie-going audiences are reasonable enough to identify that a story being based in truth does not mean that everything that they see on screen happened, rather it’s one person’s imagined version of what likely happened.

Unfortunately, this isn’t really the case. The fact of the matter is that your average movie-goer often mistakes “true story” movies for reenactments of transcripts from the events depicted or, even more troubling, documentaries. In a political climate where the “truth” is fast becoming impossible to pin down, the good people over at Information Is Beautiful are here to help you out—at least when your in the movie theater.

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Credit: The Weinstein Company; Paramount Pictures

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