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Jackie Chan Brought to Tears by Emotional Tribute

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Warning: This will make you cry!

Jackie Chan, known for his impressive stunt work, got his start by acting in minor roles in Bruce Lee films. After Bruce Lee’s death, Jackie began to be cast in more roles. Upon seeing success in Asia, he decided to give the United States a try, but he didn’t rise to international stardom immediately. Quite the opposite, he starred in multiple films that tanked in the box office.

During this time, he relied on the help of his hard-working stunt men to help make his dreams become a reality. Though there have now been four generations of stunt team during Jackie’s career, he cannot forget the original crew.

Watch as the original crew surprises Jackie Chan in an overwhelming and emotional tribute.

jackie chan close up wearing glasses

Credit: Mike Coppola/Staff/Getty Images

Watch the emotional video!