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Jennifer Aniston Didn’t Like SNL’s Rachel Impersonation. Here’s How She Handled It

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SNL has been drawing a lot of attention lately for its celebrity imitations.

The 41-year-old show has long been notorious for a no holds barred approach to comedy, whether imitating real life or doing a skit so hysterical that it would go on to earn an indelible spot in pop culture (Da Bears). But after recently insulting president-elect Trump, the real estate magnate and other critics have come forward to say the show has had its run.

Whether or not you agree, SNL got an unlikely critic this past weekend after Jennifer Aniston got a little too fed up with Vanessa Bayer’s impression of her character Rachel from the hit ’90s sitcom, Friends.

jennifer aniston friends snl imitation

Source: YouTube/ Saturday Night Live

Here's what she had to say