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Eight Time ‘Jeopardy!’ Champion Opens up About Why the Show Is “Not Really” Fun

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I'll take winner for $500, Alex...

Jeopardy! isn’t a gameshow for everyone. While you don’t need a college degree to play along, it does require education, quick thinking, problem solving, and even some math. There is a rumor that the audition questions are even harder than the ones aired on television, meaning only the cream of the crop gets on the show.

The show has been on and off the air since 1964, where it started as a daytime broadcast. Since then there have been over 7,000 episodes. The famous Alex Trebek has been hosting since it became a daily syndicated show in 1984.

You already know about Ken Jennings, who holds the record for longest winning streak, where he earned over $2.5 million. But there’s a new Jeopardy! player who is kicking a** and doing it with style: 30-something, hipster-looking bartender, Austin Rodgers. He hails from New York City and has been killing it for weeks now. During that time, fans have come to love him for his sense of humor, mannerisms, jokes, and general quirkiness. As of my writing this (October 12, 2017), Austin has won 12 episodes so far!

Austin revealed to Vulture what it’s like behind the scenes and in his personal life.

austin rogers jeopardy with and without beard

Source: Facebook/Austin Tyler Rogers