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Fatty the III: North Korean Officials Are Telling China to Stop Body Shaming Kim Jong-un

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Censoring Body Shaming

Is it ever okay to pick on somebody?

Following an especially pernicious election, many of us are guilty of having picked on a given candidate for his or her faults and shortcomings, or for insulting their wives and families. But politicians, much like celebrities, face the risk of public embarrassment and criticism the second they put themselves in the limelight; this is the price of fame.

Regardless of an individual’s disputed policies and platforms, racist and misogynistic comments and beliefs, or just plain nasty attitude, does that make it okay for us to make fun of their orange skin, overly long ties, bulging bellies, or thin hair? The jury is still out on that one, but at the very least, we’re lucky to have the freedom of speech in the United States to criticize our leaders.

Now imagine you live in a dark, secretive, authoritarian state— you may not have to even work too hard to picture one. What if you couldn’t speak out against the government, especially not against the supreme leader, without the fear of imprisonment or death? Sadly, that’s the case for millions of people around the world.

In North Korea, however, the stakes are especially high, and the cult of personality around Kim Jong-un so great that diplomats are now reaching out to China begging them to stop body-shaming the portly leader.

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Now, China is censoring its own public