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The KKK Officially Announce Their Support of Trump

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Trump's got a new endorsement...

You can tell a lot about a candidate by the people who endorse them.

But aside from your family, a few celebrities, and that kid from high school who posts every single thought on Facebook, perhaps nobody sways the average voter so much as the media.

We’ve already covered the newspapers and publications that are backing either candidate, and the numbers speak volumes. To date, 316 newspapers and magazines have endorsed Hillary Clinton while only six have come out in favor of Donald Trump.

Trump and his supporters might be happy to know that another newspaper just added itself to that list, that is, until they find out just what newspaper we’re talking about…

kkk crusader endorses trump

Credit: The Crusader/ Ralph Freso/Getty Images/ flickr/Image Editor

Who knew the KKK ran their own paper?