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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Finale Features J. R. R. Tolkien

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This series finale will be epic!

Here’s a plot twist if we ever heard one: The author of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy, J.R.R. Tolkien, is about to go on a journey of his own in the hit series Legends of Tomorrow. Last night, the executive producer of the show, Marc Guggenheim, shared a cast sheet for the season 2 finale entitled “Aruba,” which includes plenty of comic TV series’ big names. Some that stood out to us included Stitchers actor Jack Tuner who will be playing the aforementioned author and Arrow star Katie Cassidy.

Legends of tomorrow cast list

Source: Twitter @mguggenheim

While we are excited about the prospect of Katie’s character Lauren’s return, we’re much more focused on what Tolkien will bring to the scene. Turner is significantly younger than the Tolkien most of us imagine, especially when it comes around the time that he wrote his infamous series. This leads us to believe that Tolkien will not have yet written the books in the episode, but he might get inspiration for them.

jrr tolkien

Source: Wiki Commons

This appearance follows the epic episode that featured Star Wars creator George Lucas, played by Matt Angel, which keeps solidifying our love for this series. We don’t have a doubt in our minds that Guggenheim will keep his production level high.

Legeds of tomorrow art

Source: CW

As for the name of the episode? “Aruba” poses somewhat of a mystery. How does the name of a Caribbean island connect with the British fantasy icon? Only time will tell! What are your thoughts? Let us know and be sure to SHARE this story!